Interviews and Media Mentions

Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN): Life-Changing Education? Don’t Mind If We Do.

“The women in this co-op [Sustainable Harvest] are the face of resilience in Rwanda and around the globe. Provided with training, capacity building, and a support system, people can thrive after unthinkable pain.” 

The Daily Beast: Airmen Charged With Trafficking, Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Girl

Huffington Post: What is Human Trafficking?

“People do not realize it happens in the USA and affects US citizens. They also don’t realize boys are being affected. And the assistance for male victims of trafficking is negligible at best. The misconceptions around these issues are astonishing.”

Wilkes University hosts speaker from U.S. Fund for UNICEF on Human Trafficking

Pennsylvania Eyewitness News: United Nations Lecture Series at Wilkes University: Human Trafficking

Thomas Reuters Foundation News: Where does human trafficking happen? Right in front of you

All Ohio Truckers Will Soon Be Trained to Spot Human Trafficking

“The American view of the issue is narrow,” Pasnak-Lapchick said. “They think of it as sex trafficking, not labor trafficking. But on a global scale, about 68 percent of cases are labor trafficking. Typically it’s hidden in plain view.” 

Women’s News Network: Men with empathy can stop global sex trafficking

Thomas Reuters Foundation News: Authorities detain two men suspected of trafficking 16-year-old girl in typhoon-hit Philippines

“After disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami that affected Indonesia and Sri Lanka, many children who had lost or been separated from their families were trafficked and forced to work, provide sexual services or beg on the streets”

St. John’s Athletic News: Keynote Presentation Kicks Off ‘Shut Out Trafficking’ Week At St. John’s

Queens Chronicle: Equality for women is still an issue