Written Contributions

I write about human rights issues and focus on ways that people can take action. A few of my guest contributions are below. You can read more of my written pieces on LinkedIn.

Kroc Students Reflect on Intersession Trip to Rwanda

Along with nine other students, I traveled to Rwanda to look at social innovation in a post-conflict space. Our dynamic group of innovators, peacebuilders and changemakers traced the history of Rwanda’s conflict, and its trajectory forward, encompassing visits to memorials, Parliament (for a meeting with a senator and former Rwandan ambassador to the U.S.) and social enterprises redefining aid and gender dynamics, among much else. I contributed to this piece by reflecting on our experience at a women-led coffee co-op that produces some of the world’s best coffee and creates economic development.

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The One Question Nobody Asks About Human Trafficking

In honor of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30th, 2017, I was asked to contribute to Global Giving’s platform to help raise awareness. I shared my insights on the root causes of the problem, debunked some common myths, and outlined concrete take action steps.

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What’s Next In The Fight Against Child Trafficking

During January 2017, which President Obama proclaimed “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,” I wrote for Forbes, on behalf of UNICEF USA, to celebrate how far we have come in the fight against trafficking, and take a look at the future of the movement. This piece is the most highly read article on the UNICEF USA BrandVoice on Forbes.


The Intersection Between Sports and Human Trafficking

Leading up to Villanova University’s Shut Out Trafficking week, I was asked to write a piece on the intersection between sports and human trafficking. I explored how UNICEF has harnessed the attention that national and international sporting events receive to bring attention to issues like human trafficking.

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10 Hard Human Trafficking Truths

I contributed on behalf of UNICEF USA to Mediaplanet’s “Human Trafficking” campaign in January 2016. Through the LA Times, targeted distribution, and endless online/social media outlets, this publication reached several million readers in print and digitally. My contribution focused on who’s vulnerable, where trafficking happens, and how people can get involved to take action. It was featured on the homepage of their website for over a month.

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Ending Human Trafficking Domestically and Abroad

I was asked to contribute a piece on how people can take action to end trafficking on Human Trafficking Search: The Global Resource and Database.

Youth in Action

I had the privilege of guest blogging for MTVExit on my work with youth throughout the United States. UNICEF USA works with hundreds of UNICEF Campus Initiative clubs throughout the country to help them activate around issues like trafficking. The work of two groups are featured here to showcase the power of youth advocacy.

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