Professional Experience

I have worked in a variety of contexts such as NGOs, sustainable business, coalitions, foundations, and higher education. I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Asana, WordPress, Cascade, Box, Constant Contact, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Formstack, Adaptive, Salesforce, and Google Drive.


Project Head, Open Society Fellowship Program

March 2019-Present

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and inclusive democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. 

• Coordinating a strategic rethink of the program by helping to design and lead strategic planning sessions, develop processes and timelines, and serve as a thought partner to the Director
• Organizing and executing quarterly retreats
• Leading facilitation and training programs for 13 staff focused on team collaboration and professional development
• Developing the rollout of change management systems
• Coordinating learning, evaluation, and measurement for four initiatives
• Leading special projects in close partnership with the Director of Open Society Fellowship
• Managing the Contested Spaces Initiative, a learning and professional development journey for OSF staff

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Graduate Assistant, Changemaker Hub at the University of San Diego

August 2017 –May 2018

USD launched the Changemaker HUB, a campus-wide manifestation of USD’s mission and values, with the purpose of empowering and enabling everyone to be a changemaker. A main focus of the HUB is developing diverse opportunities – from festivals to fellowships to competitions – for the USD community to learn about themselves, to be inspired and to practice changemaking.

• Managed 12 Social Change Corps teams focused on entrepreneurship and social justice issues such as diversity in greek life, environmental justice, and sustainable supply chains
• Created an interactive “Journey to Changemaking” map for USD to meet Ashoka standards
• Designed, facilitated, promoted, and executed a variety of design thinking programs for social impact
• Created content related to social innovation for the Changemaker Hub’s website and blog
• Coached seven Changemaker Student Fellows
• Researched funding opportunities for social innovation activities


Researcher, Trans-Border Institute, University of San Diego

Feb 2018 – May 2018

As part of a field-based practicum under the Trans-Border Institute, I worked with 18 other students to identify and interview deported veterans in Mexico, their family members in the United States, and the US public. While the exact number of deported veterans is unknown, cases have been documented in at least 34 countries. 

• Conducted in-person, phone, and Skype interviews deported veterans throughout Mexico
• Coded interviews for overall trends
• Composed vignettes on each veterans’ experience
• Contributed to a research report to present to deported veterans groups and policymakers

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Consultant, Human Rights and Anti-Trafficking Initiatives, Crossing Point Arts

June 2017-June 2019

The mission of Crossing Point Arts is to bring the healing and restorative power of the arts to survivors of human trafficking through expressive arts workshops, helping them to release trauma, reclaim their once-silenced voices and learn long-term coping strategies.

In my position on the Board of Advisors, I assist with connecting the organization to the anti-trafficking and human rights fields by identifying opportunities for partnerships, coalition building, events, and funding.


Southwest Leadership Team, Fair Trade Campaigns

September 2017-Present

Fair Trade Campaigns is a powerful grassroots movement mobilizing thousands of conscious consumers and Fair Trade advocates on campuses and communities across the USA. We are part of a global effort to normalize Fair Trade as an institutional practice and consumer preference across 24 countries and on six continents. 

In my position, I support Fair Trade Campaigns throughout the Southwest region of the US to enhance the nationwide movement to increase access to Fair Trade for consumers and facilitate empowerment for workers worldwide.


Board Member, More Too Life

April 2016-Present

The mission of More Too Life is to advance victims of all forms of sexual violence and human trafficking while implementing youth crime and demand prevention methods to change the way America and pop culture view exploitation. 


End Trafficking Manager, UNICEF USA

July 2016-August 2017

UNICEF USA supports UNICEF’s work, and other efforts in support of the world’s children, through fundraising, advocacy, and education in the United States. The End Trafficking Project is UNICEF USA’s initiative to raise awareness about child trafficking and mobilize communities to take meaningful action to help protect children. In partnership with concerned individuals and groups, the End Trafficking project puts children first, aiming for a day when there are no exploited children.

• Led training programs on human trafficking, violence, and child protection issues reaching nearly 60,000 constituents annually
• Led digital communication strategy, resulting in the campaign garnering the highest organic traffic of any page at UNICEF USA, and having the largest social media following of any sub-brand
• Developed local and international partnerships with seven corporations, over 20 human rights organizations, 16 coalitions, and eight civil society groups
• Led the US arm of UNICEF’s global End Violence campaign
• Managed budgeting, spending, and financial reporting for department
• Developed and pitched grants and proposals for major donors, corporate partners, and civil society partners
• Created communication plans for mass messaging to US audience
• Led the creation and distribution of resources for awareness-raising and advocacy
• Led program monitoring and evaluation, developed outcome indicators and survey instruments, and leveraged data to improve program delivery
• Led advocacy efforts for stronger child protection legislation on a state and federal level
• Supervised the End Trafficking team to carry out the goals of the project, directed priorities and workflow, fostered team unity and professional development
• Led Shut Out Trafficking program engaging student-athletes and Athletic departments on Universities

Additional Responsibilities:
• Served on Global Citizenship Fellows Leadership Team, supporting 18 Fellows nationwide
• Served on Editorial Board
• Served on Emergency Response Team (ERT)
• Served on Brand Transition Working Group
• Served on Diversity and Inclusion Committee


End Trafficking Program Officer, UNICEF USA

April 2014-July 2016

  • Led online and in-person training efforts on human trafficking reaching over 58,000 constituents annually, increasing the number of engaged constituents by 600% in year one, 400% in year two
  • Developed and supporting local and national partnerships with leading anti-trafficking organizations such as Polaris, International Justice Mission, and ATEST
  • Created and promoted resources for awareness-raising and advocacy
  • Mobilized volunteers throughout the US
  • Monitored progress and tracked impact of awareness and advocacy efforts
  • Led advocacy efforts for stronger legislation on a state and federal level to protect children
  • Supervised End Trafficking team to carry out goals of project
  • Launched and organized new Shut Out Trafficking program engaging 10 college campuses annually through weeklong outreach programs

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Steering Committee Member, NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons

June 2014-August 2017

The NGO CSTIP is committed to the prevention and eradication of human trafficking in all its forms through advocacy and education. The Committee recognizes trafficking in persons as a violation of human rights and advocates for policy and action plans to address all aspects of human trafficking. While the Committee’s work is primarily at the United Nations, it works in partnership with its member organizations and other stakeholders taking action on local and national levels.

  • Led strategic planning for advocacy and education programs
  • Streamlined communication strategies through branding materials including templates and distributed resources to the Committee
  • Managed the budget
  • Reported back on progress to the Committee
  • Chaired Committee meetings
  • Supported three working groups: Forced Labor, Sexual Exploitation, and Corporate Social Responsibility


National Steering Committee Member, Fair Trade Campaigns

February 2016-August 2017

  • Supported 250 Fair Trade Campaigns throughout the US
  • Participated in organizational Strategic Planning Process, leading to a new business plan
  • Sat on the Risk Assessment Committee to proactively identify and address threats to business


Global Citizenship Fellow, End Trafficking, UNICEF USA

January 2012-April 2014

  • Designed and implemented a new awareness and advocacy campaign on human trafficking
  • Created resources such as fact sheets, toolkits, and curriculum for educators
  • Conducted two attitudinal research studies to gauge how American’s perceptions of human trafficking are changing over time with increased awareness
  • Developed two annual public awareness campaigns on human trafficking including the development of three PSAs
  • Conducted online and in-person training in the form of workshops, speeches, webinars, and Google+ Hangouts reaching over 9,000 individuals
  • Developed and managed social media presence and grew Twitter following to over 9,000, Google+ Community to over 500 members, UNICEF Action Center group to over 1,000 members, and following to over 550
  • Advocated for stronger anti-trafficking legislation at a local, state, and federal level
  • Worked with leading partners in the field to create a more coordinated movement

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GIFT Box USA Representative

February 2014-August 2017

GIFT Box is an interactive, walk-in piece of public art that was launched by UN GIFT and Stop the Traffik during the 2012 Olympics in London to raise awareness about human trafficking. 

  • Convened monthly coalition meetings to develop plans for GIFT Box to travel throughout the US
  • Worked with individuals, organizations, and businesses throughout the US to facilitate GIFT Box events
  • Created promotional and training materials
  • Provided training to Volunteer Managers for future GIFT Box projects
  • Provided updates on communications and projects to Stop The Traffik

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Children and Youth Task Force Convener, NGO CSTIP

September 2013-September 2014

  • Coordinated and facilitated monthly meetings of the Children and Youth Task Force
  • Monitored and reported on new reports on child trafficking
  • Developed resources on child trafficking for children who have been trafficked and for youth to help raise awareness within their own communities
  • Distributed resources throughout the community, particularly at UN-related even

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Volunteer Coordinator, GIFT Box USA

October 2013-February 2014

  • Recruited and trained 85 volunteers to staff the GIFT Box in New York City for a two-week period leading up to the Super Bowl
  • Volunteers and educate the public on human trafficking and what they can do to take action
  • Conducted a four-hour training program on human trafficking and the GIFT Box for all volunteers
  • Managed volunteers who passed out pamphlets, the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and garnered over 2,000 petition signatures calling for stronger legislation to combat human trafficking


Volunteer and Community Partnerships Intern, UNICEF USA

July 2011-November 2011

  • Designed an awareness and fundraising program surrounding the issue of human trafficking
  • Coordinated a coalition between campus clubs and sports teams, faith-based groups, and local organizations
  • Designed and distributed a toolkit on human trafficking providing information, resources, and fundraising ideas
  • Conducted a Human Trafficking 101 workshop at the 2011 Campus Summit